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Published date February 14, 2019

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Beautiful Bubble Lda will offer a new convertible CryptoCurrency;Brewery Consortium Coin(BEER), created as an ERC 20 derivative token of Ethereum and linked to the tangible assets and value of a rapidly growing craft beer brewing company and partners (“Brewery Consortium Partners”) in exchange for the Funds (“Token Sale”).


Develop BEER as a cryptocurrency linked to the value of tangible assets and consumer product sales in new and growing markets.


Beautiful Bubble Lda (BB) is a British owned Portuguese limited liability company operating Brewery Consortium and Algarve Rock Craft
Brewery(AR)based in Faro, Portugal with more than 100 years combined staff brewing experience.

BB are located in Portugal to exploit the rapidly expanding craft beer market predicted to rise from current €3m annual sales to more than €50m over the next 3 years.“We believe that 10 years from now, artisanal beer will cease to be a niche and can be worth 5 to 6% of the market”

BB will develop the Brewery Consortium by expanding AR Brewery and investing in and cooperating with other Craft Breweries globally–Brewery Consortium partners.

Brewery Consortium partners will undertake joint brewing and marketing ventures.

Brewery Consortium partners will all offer BEER as prizes on sales of beer.

Brewery Consortium will open Brewpubs globally to expand marketing of Brewery Consortium beers & BEER.


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