HotelLoad -Next – generation hotel payment currency
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Published date February 14, 2019

Token Overview

HotelLoad aims to make reservations and payment available to hotels and overcome the framework of existing cash or credit card payments. HotelLoad is listed at LATOKEN Exchange.


The HOTELLOAD is a global space utility.
The goal is to make reservations and payment available to hotels.
The framework of existing cash or credit card payments
The goal is to set aside the encryption money as a currency that can be used in real life.
Is there any encryption money that has been introduced and activated in our real life?
The HOTELLOAD will try to make that happen.

blockchain technology provides a words of possibilities for practical application the extend for beyond the financial  sector.

hotel load embraces this technical to open decenteralizetion marketplace in the hotel sector.

hornessing exisiting technologies and concepts – hotel load will challenges the market dominance of online resevation agents, payment processors and metasearch aggregators.

hotel and accommodation lisiting booking and purchasing and by buloding the first integrated market place that uses the decentralized hotelLoal provides a plateform that chanfges no commission to the accommodation sector.

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