Best WebSpaceX Technology Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Best WebSpaceX Technology Artificial Intelligence Solutions

December 6, 2018 by XNews Editor 3
The WebSpaceX team analyzes your data in all browsers and builds a system based on AI technology. Our goal is to provide a transparent analysis platform.
Best WebSpaceX Technology Artificial Intelligence Solutions

WebSpaceX is high technology for data processing and analysis basedon artificial intelligence. The WebSpaceX team analyzes your data in all browsers and builds a system based on AI technology. Our goal is to provide a more efficient, intuitive and transparent analysis platform.

It analyzes data from browsers around the world, such as Google,Yandex, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Yahoo, Baidu, and solves various difficulties with artificial intelligence technology.

Decentralized Platform

WebSpaceX is high technology for data processing and analysis based on artificial intelligence.A smarter platform for better results.Deliver faster, smarter marketing.Artificial intelligence automatically surfaces your most valuable marketing insights so you can act quickly to achieve your goals.

Control Mechanism

Gain more control over your investments.Easily see what parts of your marketing are working and make informed decisions to improve performance ensuring that you’re delivering quality experiences.

Reporting and Conclusion

Share insights across your team.Make information and insights accessible to your entire enterprise so teams can work better together.

How It Works

With WebSpaceX’s extensive range of features without complicated settings, you can easily reach your aim.

Identify full records of visits come to the your website and everything that prevents conversions on your website.Like clicking,page scrolling, pushing the buttons and mouse movements, you can record all of your visitors activities and you may understand how the visitors communications away themselves and why they leave your website before reaching the transformations stage.

WebSpaceX System consists of five main components.

  1. Plan
  2. Data collection
  3. Data processing
  4. Configuration
  5. Reporting

The Major Problem

WebSpaceX takes the security of advertisers very seriously and uses fraud prevention technology in a number of different levels.This method includes both automatic and manual filtration methods. Malicious clicks and impressions are filtered at all levels.

Advertising Investors
  • False Advertising Statistics
  • Incorrect Marketing Conversions
  • Incorrect Social Media Statistics
Freelance Platform Payment Methods
  • Expensive Payment Methods Among Countries
  • Freelance Secure Payment 

WebSpaceX Solution

By laying the ground work for a significantly more sophisticated one-to-one marketing, AI offers the benefits of increasing analytics, content and other fields for businesses that can get a competitive advantage through customer-centric marketing.

Crypto Payment

You will be given the opportunity to receive the service that you requested uninterruptedly in the international banking System.

Full Transparency

Non centralized intelligent contract control with artificial intelligence technology.

WebSpaceX App

WebSpaceX will create a common structure by publishing the freelance model via Android, IOS and web platforms as well as data analysis system.

In order to understand the needs and choices of the target audience,you may analyze the visitors behaviours through WebSpaceX. Without complex setings, you can make your analysis thanks to the provided wide range of characteristics.

WebSpaceX Key Features Of Platform

  • Accurate Session Replay
  • Page Click Analysis
  • Form Analytics
  • Visitor Heat Maps
  • Marketing Platform
  • Freelancer Store Platform

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