BETINREAL : Brings a Revolutionary Experience to the Gaming Industry

BETINREAL : Brings a Revolutionary Experience to the Gaming Industry

December 10, 2018 by XNews Editor 3
The BetInReal platform is a software program which gives the ability to adopt thirdparty developer’s content on the platform, to manage casino.
ETINREAL Brings a Revolutionary Experience to the Gaming Industry

The BetInReal platform is a software program which gives the ability to adopt thirdparty developer’s content on the platform, to manage casino and betting products,social gaming products, tournaments and lotteries.

The rise of technology brought a massive shift in social interaction – the way eople communicate, educate themselves and seek entertainment. We are confident that a disruption is imminent at the global gaming market and we are going to bring full scale innovations to two of the most perspective and closely related industries – online gambling and gaming.

The BETINREAL Platform 

BetInReal combines online gambling with blockchain-based fairness, instant crypto transactions and virtual/augmented reality technologies into a single platform to create a unique gambling solution. The BetInReal platform includes a social gaming experience that will ensure full personalization and involvement.

From now on players have the option of enjoying their favourite social games and a casino experience in a single network. We are building a global community of developers and players from North America to the Asian Pacific regions. This is going to boost the gaming content creation, give access to new markets for developers, and unique VR/AR based games for players.

With only a smartphone or VR Headset and some BIR tokens, users are able to bring out a gaming experience right in their living spaces or social gathering places. The BetInReal community will have an immersive and tangible experience of online gambling with the assistance of VR/AR technologies.

Key Platform Features

  • Complete casinogame selection

In BetInReal, players will be able to access a full selection of classical and contempo- rary casino games – slots,roulette, dice, sic bo, blackjack, baccarat and much more!

  • Fair gameplay

BetInReal uses a fair gambling system that is based on a proof-of-randomness solution and backed by blockchain which enables transparency and auditability.

  • Social gaming

BetInReal gamblifies well known games,bringing a competitive edge and fun to anew level. The combination of gambling and gaming creates a unique and entertaining experience that expands market opportunities for players, developers and the platform.

Augmented Reality products

The growing affordability and availability of AR games in mobile devices are a prime factor, driving market growth. Many organizations are investing big sums into advanced solutions that integrate AR games into mobile devices, enabling them to improve client experience, enrich business expansion, and increase the revenue during the forecast period. Data security breaches are a major concern in the market. The market is segmented into types of gamers, gaming devices,and regions which include the Americas, Europe, APAC, and MEA. Major companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Sony, and Nintendo are investing in incorporation of AR technologies into their products and offering enhanced gaming features to their customers.

BetInReal brings a revolutionary experience to the gaming industry – mobile AR technology. Augmented reality is a tool that will make every engagement with the application, truly emotional and focused on user needs and preferences. AR ensures a highly entertaining environment, where personalization and interaction are providing a new standard for gaming. This brings gaming to everyday activities and allows it to expand the scope of services – social games,family games and traditional gambling games.

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