has Engrossed EOS’s Long-Standing Block Producers

March 26, 2020 184


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The Key Highlights:

The EOS New YORK has ceased its website and concluded its role as a block producer. Now, it would be fusing with Block. One, EOS’s parent company.

The EOS New York is no longer indexed among active or candidate block producers.

The, which is the leading software company behind EOS, has disclosed that it will collect the developers’ team at EOS New York, which is one of the EOS’s blocks producers.

Shutting Down websites

The EOS’s New York website has proposed the basic information about EOS and its arrival as a Block producer along with the number of tools for developers and users.

But today, the website oversees the visitors to Block .one’s employ broadcast.

The Broadcast would read: “EOS New York and its correlated companies have discontinued the operations as a whole because of the transition to the new roles.”

Rick Schlesinger and Kevin Rose, founders of EOS New York, can shift to new roles at, and it will drive you to some new initiatives in the company.

The former team of EOS New York would now concentrate on the community engagement, promotion as well as showing Block .one’s interests as an EOS token holder.

Not a Block Producer now

The EOS New York has now been evacuated from the EOS block producers’ list.

In the past few days, EOS New York has engaged the votes to get it in 48th places, according to the measurement by EOS. Infact, it captivated votes to get 32nd place in the month of December.

Those ranking are even not sufficient to get a place among EOS’s top 21 block producers that powers EOS’s underlying Blockchain.

Although EOS New York as known as the top 21 block producer in the early days of EOS’s, it has now turned less admissible over time because many other block producers have joined the Blockchain.

Huge role of is culpable for most of the facets of EOS development and its software.

It announced EOS 2.0, which is the Blockchain’s first dominant improvement in February. The release brought various enhancements for better performance as well as security along with the developer features. also carries a social network known as Voice, which gets beta launched in February.

It, furthermore, funds development in the EOS ecosystem via VC arm, which is different from funding methods.

It is also not clear whether EOS NewYork which devote to Block .one’s efforts or it will have free dominate to extend its own projects.

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