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Champion Shave, founded in 2016, has its own production and packaging factories and has sold more than 10 Million units to thousands of vendors.

Champion Shave, founded in 2016, has its own production and packaging factories and has sold more than 10 Million units to thousands of vendors across 17 countries and is expanding rapidly in a $47 billion dollar industry.

Team up with Usain Bolt, Ronaldinho, and Dominque Wilkins as Champion Shave embraces Blockchain Technology to become a world leader.

Every person deserves to feel like a champion. Since 2016, the Champion Shave has been dedicatedto providing millions of people this feeling through our high quality razors at a much more affordable price.

Like all global organizations, our customers are our priority and building the most efficient supply chain and customer loyalty program is one of our chief missions. Every year Champion Shave loses hundreds of thousands of dollars, due to supply chain inefficiencies. These are funds that can be used for brand expansion, launching new products, building new factories, investing in youth centers, and providing the champion feeling to more people around the globe.

The Men’s Grooming Industry

The global men’s grooming market was valued at US $47.2 billion in 2015, and, according to Euromonitor, is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.2% to reach US $60.7 billion by 2020.

Men’s toiletries, which include men’s bath and shower, deodorant, skin and hair care products, was the largest category, valued at US $17.5 billion, and comprised 37% of total salesin 2015. It is expected to see the largest absolute growth of US $6.4 billion to reach US$23.9 billion by 2020, and rising to 39% of total sales.

Men’s Grooming Has Gone Beyond Shaving and Fragrances: the growth of men’s toiletries outpacing that of fragrances and shaving products indicates that the trend of men’sgrooming has gone beyond the basics of shaving and fragrance. In recent years, more men are paying attention to their appearance, boosting the growth of male-specific skin careand hair care products.

Game Changing Technology

Introducing the world’s only patented 100% recyclable razor consisting of low cost and high quality blades and a lifetime usage handle ergonomically engineered.

Supply Chain Inefficiencies

Currently, supply chain management for international men’s grooming companies, including Champion Shave, is logistically inefficient and expensive. Champion Shave alone has several different types of razors, consisting of differing handles, heads, and blades. All of which are only compatible with their specifically designed counterpart. The differing blades come from different countries as do the other components of the razors. All of which are delivered to the assemblage factory in China.

Once there, all products must be assembled with their compatible components and sent to another factory where they are packaged. Once they arrive at the packaging factory, the razors must be packaged correctly in line with order submissions from vendors worldwide. After packaging they are shipped to 17 countries across the globe.

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