Shelly April 29, 2020
Telegram’s Blockchain OS Could promptly emerge in App Stores
The Open Network's operating system of the Telegram would be available on the significant app stores in the near future. So, the market of Google Play and AppStore of Apple...
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Shelly April 29, 2020
ETH 2.0 FAQ Unconstrained by ConsenSys. Here’s What’s Different
Vladislav SopovThe Ethereum (ETH) 2.0 landscapes are becoming extra and extra active. Prominent blockchain development studio ConsenSys has unconstrained a comprehensive FAQ on how it will work. Insides Phase 0...
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Ankit Bansal April 28, 2020
Mati Greenspan – Bitcoin’s Connection with S&P 500 At 9-Year...
The Quantum Economics founder has seen the S&P and Bitcoin in a very close relationship than before. It may have happened due to the pandemic of Coronavirus. Mati Greenspan, the...
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Shelly April 28, 2020
TokenSoft Supports ‘Blockchain Association’ Crypto Lobbying Group
TokenSoft, a blockchain-based platform, joins the US-based cryptocurrency lobbying group and some tech professionals with the aim of entertaining legislators. According to the official reports, TokenSoft is the broad network,...
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Shelly April 28, 2020
Ripple CTO Critiqued for Impervious Cancer Joke About Bitcoin (BTC)...
David Schwartz, the CTO of block chain decacorn Ripple, faces recoil for saying that a tweet about BTC billionaires “factually” gave him cancer. Insides Are you a Bitcoin billionaire? $100...
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Ankit Bansal April 27, 2020
China Initiates Blockchain-Based Service Network for Commercial Use Globally
China initiated its communal Blockchain-based Service Network for the economic and financial purpose. Just after six months of the beta test launch, the Blockchain-based Service Network of China or BSN...
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Ankit Bansal April 24, 2020
Coinbase Casts the Price Oracle That Will Clash with Chainlink
Coinbase has declared its oracle service, which will cater to accurate price data for two, unlike trade pairs. The Key Highlights: Coinbase has cast a price oracle for BTC-USD as...
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Ankit Bansal April 23, 2020
Sony Stakes on Blockchain to Modify the Public Transport Future
Sony has now established a system of Blockchain for reconciling services like trains, taxis, buses, car-sharing services along with on-demand rental bicycles. As most of the nations stay at deadlock...
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Samandeep Kaur April 23, 2020
Industry Owners Can Now Monetize Their Zoom Calls WithCrypto Currency
The big American communications technology business, Zoom Video Communications, has unified a blockchain-centered app for the first time, advanced by 2key.Network, SmartSessions is made on top of the Ethereum network...
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Ankit Bansal April 22, 2020
Blockchain Company Ripple Filed Case Against Youtube for Cryptocurrency Scams
The Blockchain firm Ripple is against the youtube and has appealed to the court to monitor the streaming of cryptocurrency scams. As per the court records, the company reveals that...
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