Shelly February 21, 2020
Blockchain Based Digital Currency Trialed By Sweden’s Top Central Bank
Soon blockchain-based digital currency will be experienced in replicated surroundings, and Sweden's central bank has not up till now specified that it is thinking to issue digital currency to the...
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Shelly February 19, 2020
Brad Garlinghouse states that Ripple is similar to Amazon in...
Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple stated his company wishes individuals to consider it as a blockchain infra builder, adding that Ripple will operate with the US Federal Reserve on...
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Ankit Bansal February 17, 2020
$1 Million Invested by Gamers in Virtual Blockchain Real Estate...
This week alone, gamers, cryptocurrency community, and virtual reality enthusiasts have invested approximately a million dollars’ worth of real-world currencies into virtual real estate, which is generated and maintained by...
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Ankit Bansal February 15, 2020
New Study Claims Firms That Emerging Latest Technology Like Blockchain...
Oracle, the cloud computing giant, states blockchain and other emerging technologies give companies a competitive advantage in supply chain tracking and finance. As per the latest study by Oracle, if...
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Shelly February 14, 2020
Does Blockchain have the Capacity to Survive Mass Adoption?
Prediction is like a gamble, especially in the case of blockchain and cryptocurrency, The capacity of people are refraining from scrying experiments. According to George Gilder, co-founder of the Discovery...
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