Samandeep Kaur April 29, 2020
Ripple’s XRP Value Driving With $0.25 in the Cards
The third major currency, XRP, is driving, and market analysts are expecting it to remain rising, setting $0.25-$0.30 as their following targets. Insides XRP is pumping towards $0.25 Heading for...
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Ankit Bansal April 29, 2020
Market Update for Crypto: Ripple ascends above p$0.20 neglecting scam...
Key Highlights: Ripple price broadens action above $0.20, increasing above the adverse comments by Peter Brandt. Joe077 conferred about a famous Bitcoin whale, shattering cost as halving is valued already....
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Shelly April 28, 2020
Peter Brandt blows Ripple Once Again: Indicates XRP as a...
Key Highlights: Peter Brandt labels XROP as an absolute scam whose investors are present in consideration of Chainlink. The XRP community is not entertained explicitly by Brandt, who said that...
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Shelly April 28, 2020
Ripple CTO Critiqued for Impervious Cancer Joke About Bitcoin (BTC)...
David Schwartz, the CTO of block chain decacorn Ripple, faces recoil for saying that a tweet about BTC billionaires “factually” gave him cancer. Insides Are you a Bitcoin billionaire? $100...
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Samandeep Kaur April 28, 2020
Dominant XRP Fractal Points to Reclaim Rally, Beginning of the...
XRP is a different cryptocurrency that has been somewhat dormant. But if we view it as a different altcoin which is strictly dependent upon the number three graded crypto asset...
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Samandeep Kaur April 22, 2020
Trend Analysis for the Cryptocurrency: Ripple & Bitcoin Ethereum Facing...
The market of the cryptocurrency finds itself in the slow situation after a fall from last week’s highs achieved. The mainly crypto assets - Ripple and Bitcoin Etherum are hardly...
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Samandeep Kaur April 22, 2020
BTC’s bull phase in concern as indicators point to a...
The technical indicators, as well as basics of BTC, propose a near term bearish change. BTCUSD may possibly decline till $5,800 or lower, before the reward halving. A value target...
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Ankit Bansal April 22, 2020
Blockchain Company Ripple Filed Case Against Youtube for Cryptocurrency Scams
The Blockchain firm Ripple is against the youtube and has appealed to the court to monitor the streaming of cryptocurrency scams. As per the court records, the company reveals that...
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Shelly April 16, 2020
Ripple Associates with Malaysian Platform to Inflate to Another 120...
The block chain giant Ripple proclaims a corporation with a major SME payment platform from Malaysia that will aid it to expand to additional 120 countries. Insides Ripple expands its...
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Shelly April 15, 2020
XRP’s Misery Lingers on as Token Passed by LINK
XRP, Ripple’s native Token was the worst-performing large-cap Token in 2019, and of course, 2020 isn’t looking that good so far. The analytics firm of crypto Messari has announced the...
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