DX Network -First real-time marketplace for structured data

DX Network -First real-time marketplace for structured data

November 30, 2018 by XNews Editor 5
The DX Network is the first real-time marketplace for structured data. It is designed for the Semantic Web, powered by Ethereum.
DX Network -First real-time marketplace for structured data.

The DX Network leverages smart contracts and the Semantic Web stack to make data tradable in a similar way to traditional assets. By combining its extended ERC20 token standard with a custom one-to-many payment channel implementation, data transactions on the network are real-time, secure and happen directly between data consumers and publishers via a single API.

Data listed for sale by publishers on the DX Network’s data marketplaces is signed and organized using a unique semantic approach. This enables data consumers to get unprecedented granular access to knowledge and data by using the DX Network’s native query language (DX/SPARQL) while guaranteeing payment to publishers every time their data is hit.

Initial use case: a Tech Industry data marketplace.

The Tech sector is growing twice as fast as the global economy1 increasing the demand for data about technology companies, products, investments, investors and market dynamics. From Virtual Reality to Initial Coin Offerings, today’s startup ecosystem is so dynamic that individual platforms can no longer provide up-to-date comprehensive datasets about the entire industry.

By creating an open market for data about tech companies, products, news, investors and investments, the DX Network is consolidating existing knowledge about the technology industry while seeding new data collection efforts. It aims to provide the universal data foundation to power products, research and services for and around the Tech Industry.

Built on Ethereum, powered by the DX Token.

The DX Network offers a new, subscriptionless, pay-per-datapoint transaction model thanks to its native cryptocurrency, the DX Token, which extends the ERC20 token standard for use in the network’s custom one-to-many payment channels.

Data marketplaces are the cornerstone of the emerging Data Economy.

The Data Economy won’t happen without data exchange standards and infrastructure. The DX Network is designed to enable efficient business-to-business data exchange, complementing personal and sensor data marketplaces.

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