Ebang announces its next generation E-11 series .

Ebang announces its next generation E-11 series .

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September 26, 2018 by XNews Editor 3
until Ebang and Bitmain launch these machines the other competitors like GMO, Innosilicon, and others will likely gain some lead time.
E 11 Series

One of Bitmain’s biggest rivals is ready has unveiled the next generation of its flagship product line. This week the firm Ebang Communication has announced that it will soon be launching three new ASIC mining devices for SHA-256 compatible coins that would go public in Hong Kong.

Ebang’s next generation Ebit E-11 series models will utilize 10nm semiconductor technology with efficiencies up to 44J/TH. Ebang announced at the World Digital Mining Summit in Georgia, stating that the Ebit E11 series will be available for preorder soon and aims to boast hash rate speed between 30-44 trillion hashes per second (TH/s). 

The three models include E11, E11+, and E11++ is capable of achieving phenomenal performance for a 10nm chip like the Ebit E11++ can achieve a power consumption as low as 45J/TH at 44TH/s while even the lower-end E11 bases model offers a hash rate of 30TH/s at 65J/TH while E11+ offers (37TH/s).

At the mining event in Tbilisi, Jihan Wu, CEO, Bitmain Technologies told the crowd about the firm’s next-generation ASIC BM1391 7nm Finfet chip design. Wu said that Bitmain’s 7nm chip can achieve a power efficiency of 41J/TH, which other mining rig do not possess. He also mentioned that Bitmain’s next generation of bitcoin mining ASICs will have comparable performance to the E11 series. But still if compared with Ebang’s claims, their E11++ may outperform Bitmain’s new Antminers but only by 2J/TH.

As per CCN recent report, market research firm Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. recently mentioned in their report that Bitmain, which is said to be worth at least $15 billion and also it is losing its competitive edge in ASIC development.

Crowd has yet to see these next generation models in real life. Of course, price points matter and depending on the pricing of all the mining units being manufactured this year the cost of these models and it launch dates are yet to release. These two will also battle a lower tier of models that still outperform then most of today’s machines. So until Ebang and Bitmain launch these machines the other competitors like GMO, Innosilicon, and others will likely gain some lead time.

Finally, If all the tera hash output variances between all these machines are so different as compared to older generation semiconductor technology like 16-14nm and next-generation 10-7nm chips — then one can definitely assume even improvised machines with even more powerful hash rate outputs.

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