How Blockchain Can Help In Preventing Future Pandemics

March 26, 2020 184


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The unexpected emergence and rapid, as well as uncontrolled global spread of the Pandemics  Coronavirus, depicts the failure of existing healthcare surveillance systems to handle public health emergencies.

Though improvements in the healthcare surveillance system are made, these still fall short in preventing pandemonium. There is a lack of essential steps to ensure containment and tracking of the virus

Unfortunately, many of these systems are outdated, inaccurate, or hard to access. For example, China’s current disease surveillance system is an updated version of a five decades-old system. And then, there is a security and privacy issue when using centralized healthcare surveillance systems.

Blockchain technology is seen as a tool that can assist with various aspects of containing the outbreak.

Blockchain Could Be Of Help

Here, blockchain could offer ways to polish many public health activities linked with preventing and controlling diseases. Solutions powered by blockchain could address as well as tackle various aspects of the issue. Blockchain technology has the ability to access information, improve health, supply chains, and many more.

These expectations are based on the key aspects of blockchain technology, such as immutable audit trails, decentralized management, robustness, and data provenance. In addition to that, multiple nodes in a permissioned blockchain have the power to share and report important data instantly, while complying with security and data privacy regulations.

Blockchain Use Cases

In case of worldwide emergencies, such as the one we are facing now, there is a high amount of incoming data, “with not many hands on deck to manage the same.” With the help of blockchain, the collection of data will become automated, and with the immutability of the ledger, it will be impossible to modify any of the records.

With the help of blockchain technology, one could be able to securely manage health records and ensure interoperability without having to compromise patients’ privacy and security. Those records could include patients’ data, including treatments given, and progress detected. Blockchain will also ensure that data is archived and protected by any unauthorized access, but still making it available for the healthcare system.

Blockchain Healthcare Surveillance System

A global blockchain surveillance system could reach areas where there is poor connectivity, and costs must be kept low. Local practitioners can get real-time information on surrounding areas, regardless of political and governmental barriers. In addition to that, global organizations such as the World Health Organization could access the data. As the system is decentralized and secured through blockchain, it remains secure and multiple organizations can report the data

Tracking Outbreak of Infectious Disease

Blockchain can also be used to track down where the virus originated; It could help doctors to review patients’ symptoms and monitor diagnostic data in real-time. Information can be collected in a distributed way and have that information can be made available to different parties, including authorities like the WHO.

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