SEC Continues Its Push to Legitimate Digital Assets and ICOs

SEC Continues Its Push to Legitimate Digital Assets and ICOs

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October 1, 2018 by XNews Editor 5
With the SEC growing its enforcement, things will get exceptionally interesting.

Bitcoin regulation stays prominently missing in the US. In the meantime, the SEC is growing its execution in the industry of cryptocurrency. From this point forward, the SEC will concentrate on the brokers and investment organizations dealing with Bitcoin.

The SEC New Ploy

Regulatory efforts by SEC demonstrate a clear pattern. In the case of cryptocurrency world, it seems the agency needs to legitimize these contributions. There has never been any sign of banning Bitcoin or the other cryptocurrencies. For the industry, that’s everyone can ask for during these troublesome times.

Though there’s no official regulatory framework set up, the SEC nearly screens this industry. A crackdown on the illegal scheme plans has turned out to be evident over the past few months. Further clamping down on illegal action remains the topmost priority. To accommodate the increasing requirement for reconnaissance, authorities will now oversee digital asset brokers and also the investment organizations. It’s the other sign of the further legitimizing cryptocurrencies as a whole.

For those watching out for ICOs, this advancement is indispensable. It demonstrates all the assets through an Initial Coin Offering are as yet considered to be the securities at this stage. Additionally, that means organizations need to abide by federal securities laws. It is possible that this new effort will compel ICOs to avoid dealing with the investors of US altogether. The exact implications of this extended enforcement stay somewhat unclear.

The Securities Crackdown

From the last few months, the officials of SEC have had their hands full. Concentrating on the ICO industry has exposed many irregularities to the light. An order against the Crypto Asset Management LP was previously the field in the month of September. The organization isn’t registered as an investment firm. Moreover, there are concerns with respect to damaging federal securities laws by this particular organization.

This was followed by the enforcement action against TokenLot. A collaboration with FINRA leads to closing down the HempCoin offering. There are still considerable measures of unknown factors with regards to Initial Coin Offerings. The investment structure enables for falsely advertised packages, as has turned out to be evident on account of HempCoin.

With the SEC growing its enforcement, things will get exceptionally interesting. More efforts like these focus on positive attention to digital assets as a whole. Until a proper regulatory ecosystem is built up, extra efforts like these can be expected. This new enforcement puts pressure on IRS to clear up its position on directing and taxing Bitcoin. However, no final decision has been rendered in such manner either.

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