Trending Blockchain Projects in Alpha

Trending Blockchain Projects in Alpha

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September 25, 2018 by XNews Editor 3
Despite the fact that there are more hypothetical ‘being developed’ activities than platforms that have gone live in the market, there’s a developing number of blockchain organizations.
Trending Blockchain Projects in Alpha

The whole world of blockchain is loaded with hype but numerous promising and liberally financed projects presently can’t seem to turn out a demo or a working item. Despite the fact that there are more hypothetical ‘being developed’ activities than platforms that have gone live in the market, there’s a developing number of blockchain organizations that are introducing promising alpha, beta, and completely functioning product versions.

These are the five trending projects which crypto enthusiasts can access currently, utilizing MetaMask and their programs.


It’s a social media network similar to Reddit or Medium, where the customers can publish the content and do upvoting or downvoting for the other posts. It runs on Ethereum platform. As the content of Akasha gets lives on blockchain network instead of any one server, it’s safe from censorship.

The customers of Akasha can search by username, tag, and content text for finding and following quality content and creators.


It identifies that a blockchain can bring great advantages to the retirement planning, and will get more planning of people earlier.

Auctus make use of smart contracts and blockchain to moderate a transparent relationship between human advisors and retirement fund holders. This platform includes both the traditional assets, for example, 401ks and less traditional ones, i.e. cryptocurrencies.

When paying off the decisions, smart contracts ensure that the advisors are rewarded with improved reputation and AUC tokens. Third-party apps marketplace will provide added services through blockchain. 


DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) will be a part of the next generation of blockchain innovation, but user-friendly tools for constructing them are rare. DAOstack is altering that by offering a modular tool to the DAO builders. Customers can blend and match administration modules for making the DAO that best suits their necessities.

Alchemy, a major part of DAOstack’s tool, a DApp for collective decision making and budgeting within the DAOs, is now available at Ethereum mainnet. This will introduce Genesis DAO very soon.


Matryx is a brainchild of Nanome, a biotech firm for building tools for VR rendering of research related products. It makes use of blockchain to further Nanome interest in research & development by unlocking crowdfunding power.

The customers who hold MTX token can enter the tournament on the Matryx alpha site for finding out solutions to the projected issues. Matryx’s blockchain registers all the activities in a tournament and assures that everybody who contributes to winning will automatically receive token rewards through smart contracts.


It’s a highly determined blockchain project in which you can participate in at present. This receives high-level governance from a Non-Profit establishment.

With SingularityNET, organizations and people can contact AI developers and businesses in making and using custom modular tools. It manages this system with a smart contract template which is utilized for moderating interactions with both human and AI agents.

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