Willy Woo- a cryptoanalyst anticipates bear trend as Bitcoin market rises

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A prominent Australian crypto researcher, analyst, and commentator- Willy Woo, well-chased Twitter feed to express his hottest bit of Bitcoin
Willy Woo- a cryptoanalyst anticipates bear trend as Bitcoin market rises

A prominent Australian crypto researcher, analyst, and commentator- Willy Woo, newly stated on his well-chased Twitter feed to express his hottest bit of Bitcoin (BTC)-related study. As per his copyrighted network meters, which many contend are better than pure technicals, “there’s not a lot of on-chain volumes to excite a persistent move.” He then went on stating that the inflow of transacted Bitcoin could be marked up to market instability, which pressed the investors to send their assets to exchanges to liquidate or capitalize.

Willy Woo stated on January 5, 2019, that regardless of the technical system that proposes bullishness is probable, there’s not enough on-chain volume to incite a continued up move. What we noticed in the latest 7 weeks was a peak of on-chain volume driven by unpredictability, coins moving to the exchanges to trade.

Woo clarified that this instability primarily indicated that an “earlier close to the bear market” could be in sight, but noted that was actually not true. The researcher stated that there are no supposed signs that buildup has started to arise, in spite of the progress in UTXOs.

As such, calculating his “Bitcoin Network Value Transaction Ratio (NVT)” amount, Woo stated that means that the chart of NVT is on the upside of its fluctuation. While this doesn’t indicate that Bitcoin will certainly head inferior, Woo stated that according to him, this signifies that the star cryptocurrency probably has tiny space to run, so in the long run, bears will the trade.

However, Cryptocurrency Market Rushes To Follow Ethereum’s Lead:

Despite the traumatic picture that Woo highlighted for BTC in the following months, the cryptocurrency market experienced a short-term flow on Sunday, apparently on the back of no facilitators. As previously reported by Ethereum World News, Bitcoin surged past $4,000 for the very first time in weeks, with the other cryptos following close after it.

According to Live Coin Watch, a prominent crypto analysis supplier, Bitcoin is presently trading at $4,080 apiece, posting $5.02 billion in 24-hour volumes to match its gain of 4.33%.

While a bulk of its altcoin associates flowed, with XRP posting a profit of 2.5%, EOS ruling itself up by 5.6%, and Litecoin surging at 10%, Ethereum actually chopped down, losing a splash of its value. At the press time, Ethereum is 0.25% down, floundering its associated top cryptocurrencies because of its comparatively strong performance (80%) in the past two weeks. The surge of Ethereum has been attributed to the imminent Constantinople hard fork, which will lower the issuance of Ether by 33%, which is probably to be bullish over time.

Nevertheless, if analysis given by Woo is any sign, there is a possibility that the cryptocurrencies could head poorer in the weeks or the months to come, just as a number of other reporters anticipate. According to the previous reports from us, the founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets and a prominent anti-establishment figure – Anthony Pompliano, considers that Bitcoin will reenter sub-$3,000 levels before penetrating its late-2017 all-time high in the coming future.

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